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Whether you are new to camping or an experienced desert rat, my hope is for readers to use this online base camp as a place to laugh, relate and learn from our camping experiences and love affair for 4×4 back roads and adventure. Details of our remote camping spots and recommended gear are here to make your next off-road trip one of delightful discovery.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

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  • We share our off-road favorite haunts where you can enter key words in the search bar such as “Big Sur” or “mines.” Of course you can simply peruse by scrolling through the posts to see what catches your eye.
  • I am developing a list of camping resources on the Gear page where you will find maps, guide books and camping gear we recommend.
  • You will find many photo galleries showing mines and camping trips linked in the posts. The galleries have their own page to keep posts loading quicker for you. Please allow extra loading time for photo galleries that are worth the few extra seconds to enrich your experience of seeing the area you may want to explore.
  • Favorite quotes are inserted in most posts in hopes you enjoy a chuckle or savor food for thought.
  • We welcome you to use our Comments section at the end of each post or Contact Us page to share what interests you as a camper.

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Some favorite trips & tips

Old mine steam boiler

Jail Canyon – 4×4 to miner’s cabin and gold mine in Death Valley

Pres checks out the old equipment Jail Canyon is a worthy day trip as well as a place to camp. An old miner’s cabin lies at the end of the ...
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Rattlesnake savvy

It is inevitable while traveling in the California desert, Sierras and Pacific coast range, that you will come across a rattlesnake. I live in rattlesnake country and it is still ...
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Explore the Minnietta cabin’s mining history

Minnietta cabin is well maintained by a cabin adoption group Death Valley contains many canyons where old mine shafts, cabins, millsites and various ghosts of past mining operations lay silent ...
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