Hair care clips while camping

Taming your tresses while camping can pose a challenge! Sweating under a hat, the wind blowing through your hair, or having to go for days without washing it, can all add up to a tangled mess.

Ponytail twist using a Flexi clip

I  am a Stylist for Lilla Rose and their patented Flexi hair clip. I love these clips for practical, easy-care of my hair while camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, bicycle, and horseback riding. This lightweight clip won’t break your hair and stays put all day while hiking or riding the bumpy back roads. I also like that the clips are “flat” and don’t bump into the backrest or camp chair like a claw clip. I have actually forgotten I was wearing one and slept with a clip in my hair.

Find out what a flexi clip is at my personalized website. The website offers short tutorial videos for simple to do hairstyles like variations of the ponytail and french twist.

Keeping up with simply brushing your hair will make a big difference. I pack the Detangler brand brush, for easy maintenance. The brush seems to work well with most hair types. I found my hairbrush at Ulta Beauty Supply but this brand at Amazon claims to be the original detangle style brush. Camping also tends to dry out my hair so, a little coconut or olive oil added to the ends tends to keep flyaways at bay.

Be sure to check out my Top 10 Beauty Tips for the dry outdoors for both men and women to address many challenges unique to camping out.

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