Portable BBQ grill review

Enhance your camp cooking with the simple art of grilling on this handy, portable Smokey Joe BBQ by Weber.

Note there is no ash catcher. I like the containment of ashes kept in the fire bowl, for added fire safety when cooking outdoors. The lid and sides of the bowl have adjustable vents to make your fire hotter or to dampen it down. There are 2 grates, with the ashes falling to the bottom below both. Once the ashes are cold, you can dump them in a fire ring or safe location, and drown with water.

This BBQ is still large enough to grill  2 rib-eye steaks with 2 large potatoes. The handle and locking lid makes it easy to transport.

We finally wore out our Smokey Joe after 20 years of camp cooking and were so happy to replace it with the same Weber model.

We like to use the “Kingsford Matchlight” style charcoal briquets, though you can use any type, as well as small, split wood. You can soak hickory or mesquite wood chips for added flavor.

The smell and taste of smoked, barbecued meat and veggies beat the camp stove cooking method and this little BBQ makes it easy. Here is a link to my favorite way to barbecue potatoes while camping out.

Check out the online video and features to buy this handy barbecue on *Amazon.

*Just so you know, this blog includes affiliate links, which means if you click through and make a purchase we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). We only share and review items we use and work well for us.

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