Road and recreation atlas for U.S.A.

Benchmark Atlas offers its maps for each of the U.S. states. These book style maps offer more detail than a conventional paper state road map. I like to use these for planning a trip as well as while on the road, especially when no cell reception is available.

With the all-new Landscape Maps section, it’s easy to see, at-a-glance, whether an area is forested, cultivated, marshland, or desert. This feature is ideal for the person who wants to know the most about an area being visited beforehand. The atlas has features people love; a complete Recreation Guide, page-to-page overlap and legendary accuracy.

The atlas recreation guide lists parks, forests, wilderness, natural wonders, museums, boating and fishing, campgrounds and RV parks to name a few.

These are large and won’t fit in your glove box. I keep mine in the truck door pocket, or in between my seat and the center console. I use sticky notes to mark my current trip, so I can find our route easily.

A cool feature is the QR code on the cover for online recreation resources. I especially like the listings of website links and phone numbers for National Parks and Forests and BLM areas.

Click here to get started on finding the state you want to explore for purchase at *Amazon.

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