Shower tent for camping

One of the challenges of camping can be privacy and the ability to take showers.  We found the Mount Rhino pop-up shower tent to be just what we need. It is roomy and tall with dimensions of 48 by 48 at 6 foot 10 inches tall.

This privacy tent is easy to pop up and later fold back compactly similar to your windshield sunshades. It has stakes, as well as pockets to fill with sand or rocks, to stand up to the wind. I like the inside mesh bags for holding soap and shampoo, as well as a hook and towel strap. The hook can be used for a flashlight or your toiletry bag.

The Mount Rhino portable shower tent can also be used for an outdoor toilet and changing room. The tent is made of high-quality waterproof polyester with heavy-duty zippers and strong stitching.

We set-up the tent where we can use our outdoor shower, on the side of our truck camper. The tent comes with a separate floor mat to keep your feet clean and drain off the water. We wear water shoes without the floor when making mud is not a problem, as well as to walk back inside, simply kicking off our shoes to keep the camper floor clean.

While boondocking, water is at a premium so we simply wet down, turn the water off to soap up, then quickly rinse. We figure it takes 1 to 2 gallons per person for a quick shower without washing my long, thick hair. Washing my hair takes another gallon of water.

The top of the tent has an opening for bringing in the shower hose. It also comes with a rain fly, should you want to use it for a privy or outdoor changing area. We found the material quickly air dries. To avoid mold, be sure to thoroughly dry out your tent before collapsing it and storing.

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