Star gazing gear

Camping under the stars is one of the best perks about camping. The wilderness is far from city lights to enjoy seeing the Milky Way, passing meteors, or a shooting star. Using a star chart will help you to learn the names of the constellations and planets. No batteries or cell reception is needed for this manual star wheel.

We have the Celestron Sky Master binoculars to enjoy a closer look at the moon and planets. They can double as regular binoculars but are heavier to hold. I find them a bit hard to keep steady and mount them on my camera tripod with an adapter. We have not opted to bring a telescope due to space and possibly injuring it over rough Jeep roads.

Moon shot using my Lumix camera

I am learning to use the Lumix camera for night photography. Using a tripod is best to avoid handshake with the lower light and aperture settings. If you are in the market for a digital camera with a great zoom lens, read my review. Here is a nice shot of the full moon I captured over the Carrizo Plains National Monument.

Read my post for more about stargazing while camping that includes my favorite free cell phone app.

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